Silica Ball


Silica Ball (Desiccant)
Despite waterproof packing to protect products, there are many cases where corrosion occurs in the metal due to condensation inside the package due to harsh environment such as crossing the sea or rainy season. To prevent this, the desiccant, which absorb moisture, is used


ClassificationIngredientPhysical propertiesCharacteristicPacking unit
Silica BallAttapulgite (SiO2, Al2O3 etc.)- Dark brown powder
- Ph6-7
- Thermal stability less than 40 degrees
- Natural minerals formed from volcanic ash
- Can be used for metal
- Has no special effect on plastics (No chemical reaction)
- Can be also used as an edible medicine
5g, 10g , 20g, 50g, 100g



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