Coated Woven Cloth


Coated Woven Cloth
Larger or heavy-weight products should be protected with reinforced packing which has enough strength that stands up the weight. Woven cloth is considered as useful material for strong durability but is vulnerable to moisture. For this reason, Producer has provided ‘PE(PP) coated woven Cloth product which is coated on one side or each side, with synthetic resin such as PE(PP), to give both moisture resistance and strong strength.

Types of Woven Cloth

PE Woven Cloth  (Polyethylene)- Strong durability
- The overall width of this packing that can be made is very wide because of its good working efficiency.
- High tolerance to direct sunlight
- Elegant color work can be done
- Its slippery surface can be a bit inconvenience when loading
PP Woven Cloth (Polypropylene)- Its rough surface minimize slippery when loading
- Relatively rigid
- Low tolerance to sunlight
- Color work is difficult
- A little wide width compared to PE Woven Cloth.

PE(PP) coated Woven Cloth-SC8x8 - 14x14 700D - 1400D 1000mm - 2700mmPE Woven Cloth + PE Coating- A bit of moisture resistance
- Relatively cheap
PE(PP) coated Woven Cloth -DC8x8 - 14x14 700D - 1400D 1000mm - 2700mmPE Coating + PE Woven Cloth + PE Coating- A bit of water resistance
- Can put color in or printing it
Woven Cloth Crepe60 - 1000mmPE Woven Cloth + PE
 + Crepe paper
- It minimize the looser packing even if the small package, which reducing the possibility of revealing the inner products.
- Resolve the weakness where contents of the packing product can be seen due to the gathering of packing during roll pacing
- Good appearance
- Printing available



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