V.C.I Powder


V.C.I Powder
V.C.I Powder is a powdered chemical for rust prevention. When the packed product is too bulky to use paper-form package, we divided the product into appropriate unit bags, depending on the way of using VCI Powder, such as put it inside the package or spray it in a large space etc.,

- Provides corrosion prevention in hard-to-reach spaces, as it has the property of volatility
- Economical and high work efficiency, as rust protection is available without spreading anti-rust oil
- Used as supplements when there remains concern about rust even though using VCI Paper or VCI Film
- Moisture Barrier Package
TypesUse and CharacteristicHow to UseWarningPacking Unit
Powder type- Used where there is convective motion
- Place it in the upper part of the packaging as possible, since it is heavier than air
- The smaller the product is. divided, the more the object is stored in various places, the anti-rust effect is greater
- When exposed to the outside in summer, it changes like water due to hydration phenomenon
- Even though it is hydrated, anti-rust power is still remained
- Must be kept sealed to maintain the anti-rust power
- For hydraulic pressure test
- Large circulation facilities:
 operate continuously
 doing repetitive work
- Large Plant Facilities:
Boiler and piping
- Ships
- Used by adding 2 - 5% to tap water, ground water etc.
- Spray low-pressure atomizer on large equipment
- Put it as the form of pouch in the equipment
- A small amount of residue will remain after hydraulic pressure test, but this becomes a material that has anti-rust power afterwards
- Wear dustproof equipment such as mask when spraying
- Must be kept sealed to maintain the anti-rust power



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