V.C.I Coated Woven


V.C.I Coated Woven
V.C.I Coating is an anti-corrosion product made by PE woven cloth on which synthetic resin with VCI Resin have coated. To prevent rust, it is mainly used for storage and transportation of metal products such as steel, machinery, and automobile parts etc.
TypeCharacteristic and StrengthsWeaknesses
VCI COATING-SL (VCI PE WOVEN-SL)- Product with VCI coating on only one side
- Use instead of VCI Paper
- Delay the oxidation of anti-rust oil
Any scratch or damage on the surface can reduce its rust prevention power
- Product with VCI coating on both sides
- Used as thin and light paper (defined as Kanji) such as rolls and sheets, that inserted between metals when loading
- When used as the Kanji papers, double-sided coating is more economical
More expensive than regular Kanji Papers



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