V.C.I Paper


V.C.I Paper
VCI Papers are specially matured Kraft paper impregnated with VCI Liquid (made by VCI Powder). However, paper can be easily torn because of its high moisture permeability. Therefore, we combine Paper with several supplements so that the VCI Paper has very enhanced durability. Use in any application or industry including steel, machine, automobile parts and rubber etc., where a corrosion protection is needed.
VCI PAPER -VAKKraft Paper+V.C.I60~3000mmLowLow
VCI PAPER -VSCPE Coating +KP PAPER+V.C.I60~3000mmMidMid
VCI PAPER -VOPOPP Film+KP PAPER+V.C.I60~3000mmMidStrong
VCI PAPER -VWKWoven Cloth +KP PAPER+V.C.I60~3000mmVery StrongMid
VCI PAPER -VSWKPE+Woven Cloth +KP PAPER+V.C.I60~3000mmVery StrongStrong
VCI PAPER -VOWKOPP Film+Woven Cloth+KP PAPER+V.C.I60~3000mmVery StrongVery Strong



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